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RFID Ready



  • Automatic pallet P&A equipment.
  • The application is made through a aspiration plate. Optionally you can apply labels up to three sides of a pallet if requested with a mobile arm that allows three degrees of positioning.
  • Labelling two and three faces will be made with two and three stops respectively. The minimum distance between the sides must be 600mm.
  • The arm operates through three pneumatic actuators that provide the system with high precision, speed, flexibility and reliability.
  • The structure that supports the machine is built in protected steel, folded and welded that brings great weight and rigidity to the equipment. Weight necessary to counteract the inertia caused by the rapid movements of the arm.
  • As an option, an additional degree of freedom can be included, making the height programmable.
  • The electrical cabinet can optionally include a PC panel or touch screen depending on the needs.
  • The control is carried out by means of a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC.
  • Moreover, it has a luminous beacon of 2 colors that optionally can be also, sound and of 3 colors that indicates the state of in which is the machine, in correct operation, in stop or error.
  • The device can perform a complete cycle with double-sided labeling in 33sec. (with preparation of labels). A cycle includes the time a pale is in the labeling position until the next one is placed. It will be considered that the transport speed is 18m / min. and that therefore the time from which a pale comes up until the next one is placed is 11sec.
  • The aspiration cup has a sensorized vacuum system as well as a blow to ensure the correct placement of labels on the pallets.
  • As an option, two barcode readers can be integrated: One on the bottom of the suction plate, which will verify that a label with a readable barcode has been placed. Another at the bottom of the printer at the exit of the labels, which checks that the barcode is correct before being applied.
  • Optionally, the machine will be able to integrate a complete enclosure for adverse working conditions.